Try This With Your Eyes Closed.

Try This With Your Eyes Closed..

Anonymous said: Who's your bae ?

Oh just some kid I’ve been dating for almost two years lol. Basically the most amazing guy ever. I really don’t know how to explain on here :P


Cottonwood Pass and the Milky Way | Lars Leber
I’m so tired but I can’t sleep. All I can think about is work tomorrow and my up an coming fucked up and ruined weekend.
i just need to get my shit together

I witnessed with my eyes, your nutsack on my drum set!

What the fucking fuck!

Dad what are you doing it’s shark week!

Watching Step Brothers fixes everything lol.

'Why are you so sweaty?' 'I was watching cops' 'cops doesn't start til four!' 'Where are you going?' 'Im going to touch your drums with my nutsack, okay! I'm playing moby dick for real!'

You were the sun. I felt as though I needed you because of the way your love dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant fire. Flaring on fragments of my soul that were left unnourished by the shadow of neglect, and I felt whole.
My boyfriend has to think I’m cute. I made funny faces just to make him laugh :P

For the Adelitas Way anon (Adelitas Way - Alive)
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