Try This With Your Eyes Closed.

Try This With Your Eyes Closed..

We boil at different degrees.

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i remember one time the simpsons made a joke about fox news and they’ve got so insulted they tried to sue them but the court was like “this aired on ur network u can’t sue urself”

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*mr krabs voice* secret formuler 

*plankton voice* hand it over krabs

*mr krabs voice* eat a dick plankton 

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The lion cub is meant to be Simba. :)

kinda mad that i cant breathe underwater

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She was most beautiful when she cried. Only then could you truly see her soul.

I am going to be soooo sore tomorrow

I have nearly driven myself
mad on countless occasions
attempting to decipher what
sets you apart from 7 billion.

You are highly intelligent
but their are individuals who
possess greater intellect.

You are funny
but I have met people
who are more gifted in wit.

You are handsome
but there are many in the world
who lay claim to this trait.

You are brave
but you do not deny
that you possess fears.

You strive for perfection
but you don’t profess
to be perfect.

You are merely a human being
with a beating heart and a
restless soul like the
rest of mankind.

Why then, I ask, do you appear
as the brightest sun amongst
ceaseless darkness?

A lot happens when your relationship goes from just the two of you, to others butting in. I like my relationship to be just us. In the end it’s our future, our feelings, us sharing the bed, our kids, that’s it. Others opinions are welcomed, but don’t butt in and try and start shit.



one time when i was like 12 my dad wanted me to put a dvd in the dvd player and i was like ‘what do i get in return’ and he said ‘you can have half of the winnings of this stupid lotto ticket’ and he ended up winning 600,000 dollars and i was so pleased with myself. 300,000 dollars when youre 12 is pretty much like infinity dollars. he was so mad

Shit, man, $300,000 would be like infinity dollars to me now.

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You could give me 67 years to do homework and I wouldn’t do it until the night before

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